Is Your Chimney or Fireplace Broken?

Choose our chimney or fireplace restoration services in the Missouri City & Sugar Land, TX areas

Harsh weather, extended us, excess heat or cold and poor construction can all lead to chimney and fireplace damage. When you need chimney or fireplace restoration services, you can turn to Chimney Specialist of Texas.

Our team in Missouri City and Sugar Land, TX handles a variety of fireplace and chimney repairs, including:

Masonry tuckpointing: Repairing mortar or replacing worn-out mortar
Crown rebuilding and repair: Reconstructing a crown or sealing cracks
Firebox rebuilding and repair: Remaking a firebox or repairing holes

Call 346-773-1101 now to discuss chimney or fireplace restoration with a local professional. You can also contact us about replacing a chase top, top sealing damper or chimney cap.

Understand your options

When you contact our team, we'll talk through your chimney or fireplace problem. We can inspect your fireplace and chimney, then inform you about possible repairs or replacements. That way, you can make your decision about fireplace or chimney repairs based on safety, affordability and longevity. Get in touch wtih us right away to get started.